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Traditional Roll

Extra $1 for Brown Rice
R1. Cucumber Roll 4.95
R2. Avocado Roll 4.95
R3. Krab Roll 4.95
raw R4. California Roll
A reverse roll with avocado, krab meat, cucumber
raw R5. Tuna Roll 5.95
raw R6. Salmon Roll 5.95
R7. Snow Crab Roll
Krab meat mixed with Japanese mayo
raw R8. Tuna Avocado Roll 5.95
raw R9. Alaska Roll
Made with salmon, avocado, cucumber
R10. Crunchy Roll
Made with snow crab mixed avocado and tempura flake
raw R11. Tuna Cream Cheese Roll 6.95
raw R12. Spicy Tuna Roll 6.95
raw R13. Spicy Salmon Roll 6.95
raw R14. Philadelphia Roll
Made with salmon, cream cheese and avocado
R15. Eel Cucumber Roll 6.95
R16. Mexican Roll
Made with shrimp tempura, cream cheese inside, topped with jalapeno & avocado
R17. Pepper Tuna Avocado Roll 7.95
R18. Boston Roll
Shrimp, cucumber, avocado
raw R19. Salmon Avocado Roll 6.95
raw R20. Salmon Cucumber Roll 6.95
R21. Sweet Potato Roll 5.95
R22. B & T Roll
Salmon, tuna, avocado with cucumber wrapped
R23. Shrimp Tempura Roll
Made with shrimp tempura, lettuce and cucumber, top with eel sauce
R24. Spider Roll
Made with soft shell crab, cucumber and lettuce, top with eel sauce
R25. AAC Roll
Asparagus, avocado, cucumber
R26. Yellowtail Jalapeno / Scallion Roll 6.95
R27. Spicy Shrimp Avocado Roll 6.95
R28. Chicken Tempura Roll 7.95